Closing down activities

Although I truly would like to keep on releasing beautiful music through Heart and Soul my current work but also a lot of thinking I've put into how the label should operate leaves me no choice but to close down operations. It was fun and I would like to thank all artists involved in the process. Maybe Heart and Soul couldn't give all you deserve, but hopefully it helped at least a little bit.

Thank you all listeners, customers and friends to ride on this adventure with me.

Yours truly,

Leonardo Rosado

ps - if one day Heart and Soul comes back to life I´ll let you know ;)

hiatus again

Due to an increased amount of work Heart and Soul is again on hold.

out now [has006] porya hatami and darren harper

[has006] porya hatami and darren harper - tales of seven from distant shore

music written and produced by porya hatami and darren harper
painting by azad jannati
mastered by jason corder
design by leonardo rosado

Release Date: July 11th, 2012
First edition: 35 copies - 7.5 euros (includes shipping)

9.5x9.5 cm in black paperboard and adhesive printing on glossy paper + 3" CDr

Release Notes

Porya Hatami & Darren Harper are involved in a collaboration that consists of seven long form pieces (20-23mins) - seven movements. They will share the same title, but feature different artwork per 'edition'.

This release is the first movement, a 20 minute drone piece, that carry you in a dream to dusty landscapes filled with small details, little hidden treasures that you can revisit everytime you listen to the piece and still be amazed but the emerging and fading patterns.

[has005] easychord - not in my family tree

[has005] easychord - not in my family tree

music written and produced by easychord @ two desk studio
photograph by sara bracco
mastered by gianluca becuzzi @ kinetix lab
design by leonardo rosado

Release Date: June 11th, 2012
First edition: 50 copies - 12 euros (includes shipping)

21x13 cm in black paperboard and adhesive printing on glossy paper + CDr

Release notes:

Texturally minimal, lush and soothing, Easychord music is a sort of ambient music, droney, with use of tape loops music defined with marine mood whereof the favourite format is mid-lenght suites and large wavy soundscapes composed of swinging drone textures

[has003] From These Hands by I've Lost

[has003] i've lost - from these hands

From These Hands
music written, produced and mastered by i've lost
illustrations by ivo hoogveld
poetry and design by leonardo rosado

Release Date: May 21th, 2012
First edition: 50 copies - 15 euros (includes cover of your choice + poem + one illustration + shipping)
Deluxe edition: 25 copies - 20 euros (includes cover of your choice + ten illustrations + poem + shipping)
21x13 cm in red paperboard and adhesive printing on glossy paper + CDr + 10x30 cm white paperboard with printed illustration and poem
Choose your cover from the illustrations below and include a note when you do the payment. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge. By default illustration #10 is the cover for the release.

Release notes:

I once wrote that you could see right through Bobby Jones by listening to his music. Laying bare his emotions so deeply that you instantly get the feeling that you know him for several years. A quality which is not easily achievable by everyone.

 From These Hands is made of the same substance, a guitar working its way towards deep emotional fields, delicate and at the same time unstoppable. I’ve Lost crafts his music building in tension slowly but decisively.

Additionally, From These Hands paved the way to the poem I wrote called All things yet to be shaped, which is the interpretations I made of the music Bobby presented, and finally the ten parts of the poem were illustrated by the simple yet complex work of Ivo Hoogveld, allowing a true mixed media release crafted in a chain reaction way, adding several layers of interpretation for different senses.

Leonardo Rosado

[has004] gimu - they all left one by one, they all left the radio on

[has004] gimu - they all left one by one, they all left the radio on
music written and produced by gimu
photograph by peter nejedly
mastered by jannick schou
design by leonardo rosado

Release Date: May 14th, 2012
First edition: 50 copies - 12 euros (includes shipping)

21x13 cm in black paperboard and adhesive printing on glossy paper + CDr

Release notes:

Gimu's latest release, “They all left one by one, they all left the radio on” pulls the listener into a grand industrial score. Echoes of spirits past are trapped in a metallic field, cold drafts shift us into a dark ambient world where ghostly tones and cathartic hammering reveal a realm both haunting and epic. Harmonic voices fill the voids bringing air and light to the music. Sometimes it as if the voices are our own. Angelic and soothing. Other times they are that of an army of men, singing in unison to the sound of their creations.

The paring of such dark and light emotions creates a perfectly balanced piece of artwork. Initially we may feel uncomfortable with the industrious introduction of the music and jarring mechanisms, but we are carried down with the familiarity of vocal samples and calming synths. As we become more comfortable with the tracks, we quickly find beauty in that of which we fear. Once again Gimu has brought to us a complete piece of work – one that walks in the steps of man made constructions, both eerie and divine.

has002 allegories by the dwindlers

50 COPIES paperback book + CDr first edition
(first edition includes color cover)
15 EUROS includes shipping
[has002] Allegories – music by The Dwindlers and poetry by Michelle Seaman
written and produced by The Dwindlers
mastered by Benjamin Dauer
illustrations by Michelle Seaman
photograph by Benjamin Dauer
design by Leonardo Rosado

Release Date: March 15th, 2012

Heart and Soul publisher:

The Dwindlers:

Release Notes

“Allegories” is a collection of music and poetry composed over the past year in an effort to change stories of pain and fear into stories of grace. Inspired by the elegant movements of animals, birds, and insects, this collection hopes to charm, and sometimes challenge, the listener.

Michelle Seaman

"You can only really compare the voice to a good single malt; its silky brilliance and complexity, the music to the kind of smoke you used to see in a jazz club; a kind of wispy grey/blue, spiraling out of sight.

It's not often you come across such a good match but when you do, there's no option but to stop and pay attention. It might be manipulated sound and poetry, it might just be a good cup of coffee and a cigarette. Either way, both sit together perfectly, and it's never just the pairing of the two that makes it work. The collision of sound and poetry are only two ingredients in the mix. Like hydrogen and oxygen it's not just the two together - there's something else there; maybe even imagined - but it's still there.

Down and up, the pelican and the girl, the peacock and the kitty, not quite the dolphin and the monkey, precision and imprecision, Fred and Ginger. Pairs. Equals. Complimenting but shifting. You know how it is; there are no words. You might say a pas de deux, you might say in harmony. It doesn't matter what you'd say; just listen and enjoy.”

Jon Monk, February 2012

Short Bio

The Dwindlers are poet, Michelle Seaman, and bassist & composer, Benjamin Dauer.

Their musical collaboration began in 2002 in the "Grey Sea" metropolis of Chicago, continued in a home recording studio surrounded by the pine trees and "Pollinators" of North Carolina, and thrives now among the cherry blossoms, gingko trees, museums, and politics of Washington, D.C.

Released albums include:
Dreams ep at FeedbackLoop Label