out now [has006] porya hatami and darren harper

[has006] porya hatami and darren harper - tales of seven from distant shore

music written and produced by porya hatami and darren harper
painting by azad jannati
mastered by jason corder
design by leonardo rosado

Release Date: July 11th, 2012
First edition: 35 copies - 7.5 euros (includes shipping)

9.5x9.5 cm in black paperboard and adhesive printing on glossy paper + 3" CDr

Release Notes

Porya Hatami & Darren Harper are involved in a collaboration that consists of seven long form pieces (20-23mins) - seven movements. They will share the same title, but feature different artwork per 'edition'.

This release is the first movement, a 20 minute drone piece, that carry you in a dream to dusty landscapes filled with small details, little hidden treasures that you can revisit everytime you listen to the piece and still be amazed but the emerging and fading patterns.